Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Power of Words

Power of the Word -- December issue of Poetry at Sangam was just released. Two of my poems translated from Persian by Sholeh Wolpé
The Sun Moves Slant

My Hands Tremble Yet Again— A Soliloquy

Feauturing 11 Iranian Poets

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Sheida Mohamadi said...

A Powerful message from Sholeh Wolpe that I really like it and I want to share with you: A people is not always its government and conversely, a government does not always represent its people. What does represent a people is their literature and the arts, ones created freely and not as a part of a propaganda machine, be it in the Trump-era America, Putin’s Russia, or the Islamic Republic of Iran. World over and throughout ages, poets are and have always been a threat to despotic regimes. Indeed, the first to recognize the power of the word are the tyrants themselves. They fear the poets, jail them, torture them, and send them into exile. But literature, and particularly poetry, is like rain—it cannot be arrested. Vast umbrellas of censorship can be raised, people can be forced underground and into dungeons, but the water will eventually seep in, cleanse, nourish, and create a new landscape.