Sunday, November 22, 2015

رونمایی و امضای کتاب یواش های قرمز و عکس فوری عشقبازی

رونمایی و امضای کتاب های "یواش های قرمز" و "عکس فوری عشقبازی" م
سه شنبه اول دسامبر ساعت 6-8 شب
UCI در مرکز ایرانشناسی دانشگاه 

Join us on Tuesday, December 1st, 6-7 p.m. in Humanities Gateway HG 1030 for a talk and book signing by Sheida Mohamadi, Jordan Center's poet-in-residence about her two most recent books "Aks-e Fowri-ye Eshqbazi" (The Snapshot of Lovemaking) and "Yavashhaye Ghermez" (Crimson Whispers).

This event is Co-Sponsored by Farhang Foundation

Reception to follow after the event.

*** This Lecture is in Persian ***

***Book sales are cash only***

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