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Sheida Mohamadi, Jordan Center for Persian Studies' Poet in Residence 2015 -2016.

در چو به رویم گشود ، جمله ی بود و نبود
دیدم و دیدم یکیست، گفتمش ای دوست دوست

لحظه هایی هست در زندگی که دری نیمه گشوده، باز می شود و از آن می گذری و این گذشتن مسیر زندگیت را برای همیشه تغییر می دهد. اولین بار (پس از مهاجرت) در سال 2010 در دانشگاه مریلند، این در نیمه باز بر جهان شعر من گشوده شد (با دعوت دکتر کریمی حکاک و کشف و فهم او از زبان و ذهن شعرهایم). پنچ سال گذشت تا دوستی درافتاد و این در را تمام گشود برای جهانی که دیگر تمام من است. سپاس از شادی عمیقی که دکتر تورج دریایی با شناخت و ویشواسش به جهان شاعرانه من بخشید.م

I am both delighted and honored by this extraordinary opportunity. I am very much grateful to Dr. Touraj Daryaee for his appreciation of my poetry and for giving me the chance to share my words and poetic vision with the wonderful students and faculty at UC Irvine.

Jordan Center for Persian Studies

Jordan Center for Persian Studies' Poet in Residence 2015 -2016.
We are pleased to announce that Ms. Sheida Mohamadi will be our first Poet in Residence at the Jordan Center for Persian Studies at the University of California, Irvine for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Ms. Mohamadi has been a Poet in Residence 2010 at the University of Maryland and taught Persian Literature to graduate students as part of a flagship program. Offered workshops in classic to contemporary Persian poetry and short story at University of Maryland (2010-2011). Taught Language and Culture at the Defense Language Institute, Monterey California (2011-2014)
Ms. Mohamadi's first book, a work of lyrical prose titled Mahtab Delash ra Goshud, Banu! (The Moonlight Opened its Heart, Lady!), was published in Tehran, Iran in 2001. Her second book was a novel entitled Afsaneh-ye Baba Leila (The Legend of Baba Leila), and was published in Tehran in 2005. Her third book, Aks-e Fowri-ye Eshqhbazi (The Snapshot of Lovemaking), is a collection of poems published underground in Tehran in 2007. Republished by Aamzon in 2013, USA. Her latest collection of poems, Yavashhaye Ghermez (Crimson Whispers), was published in Paris in 2015. Her Poems have been translated into different languages, including English, French, Arabic, Czech, Germany, Turkish, Kurdish and Swedish.

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