Friday, May 7, 2010

Stylus 2010 A Journal of Literature and Art

روز چهارشنبه 1 می ماه در Writer's House at the University of Maryland جشن رونمایی مجله Stylus بود.

Stylus is a journal of literature and art as part of the Jimenez-Porter Writers' House at the University of Maryland, College Park. It consists of art, prose, poetry and multilingual pieces submitted by University of Maryland.

در روز چهارشنبه از شاعرانی که شعرشان در مجله سال 2010 به چاپ رسیده بود دعوت به شعرخوانی شد. در پایان هم Johnna Schmidt, Directore of Jimenez-Porter Writers' House

سخنرانی کوتاهی کرد.

دو شعر " گل کردن پنجره در بهار"

Blossoming of the Window in Spring و شعر “برگشتن از کبودی تنم"

Return from My Body’s Black and Blue در این شماره با ترجمه دکتر احمد کریمی حکاک و

Dr Ahmad Karimi Hakkak and Zein EL- Amine منتشر شده است که در اینجا می توانید این دو شعر را به زبان انگلیسی بخوانید.

Blossoming of the Window in Spring

You are so tiny

you get lost

inside our home’s shoe-rack

our flowerbed’s heart is so large

so large it buries you.l

And even next year when the window

grows wet with the fragrance of orange blossoms

you grow back:

a wood-stick!l

Return from My Body’s Black-and-Blue

Leeches, kindly leeches suck my blood

and the crane, heavy-handed crane

lifts my corpse up from the pit,

with my skull full of snowy days.

Leeches, kindly leeches

blacken my body

you return from my body blues

hitting your head against your hands!

Save your teardrops for me, love.

I have run head-on into myself, crashed into myself

and the road’s headlights have dumped me onto this lake’s floor.

Look at how black I appear in your smoke-colored sunglasses!

And these women,

look how they hide my breasts under their chadors.

Save your teardrops for me, love.

Why do you, so pale and fair, arrive so late?

And why has my son, so little

swelled so much inside me in the few months of my pregnancy?

And the leeches – kind leeches

Look how they suck my blood. . . .


Sandra said...

Oh Sheida – you’ve had an uprooting kind of time. The 16th century term for “earthquake’ was “a wondernous of earth”.

I’ll head over to your site to see your poem.

Thinking of you.

El said...

wonderful sheida.

I love the layout of the pictures along with the cover of Stylus.
Also, I reread the poems and they flow so nicely. I really enjoyed reading my body's black and blue again. It is so haunting to me now.

Dr.Faramarz Soleimani said...

Good poems flourishing in translations.We all owe this to the poet who turns the world to make sure still is turning,in hidden and undiscovered moments and things.Things,are what we find ,even if unfound,or even lost,
in lost moments,or yet to come.To be painted in the color of our mind and or our imaginations.
Thanks Sheida for offering the translucent mystics ,to pretend to be real.The tough time though is when we touch and feel burning!
WE WANT MORE from this vast world
in words!

عباس مولانايي said...

سلام برشما
شما به زبان فارسي معيار به چهار برداشت بلند دعوت داريد